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FreedomRDU: 3 Focus Areas of Prison Ministry

Apr 06, 2020 | By Christa Smith

FreedomRDU includes three main ministry focuses: Inside the fence; Sponsorship; and ReEntry.

The Summit Church holds regular services and events Inside the men's and women’s correctional facilities in Raleigh. We recruit, train and support church volunteers to walk with the men and women as (CV) Community Volunteer Leave Sponsors, helping individuals during transition (to visit church and other appointments in the community, during the final months of their incarceration). When it is time for ReEntry into our community, The Summit Church works closely with local partners and volunteers, continuing to walk alongside a justice-involved person through their multifaceted transition back into society. All along this journey, Gospel seeds are planted and watered, as we live out our lives together. We are asking “the Lord of the harvest” to raise up more laborers for the harvest field, who will stand in the gap for the vulnerable and love their justice-involved neighbors well, in all three of these phases of the journey. 

Email, if you would like to find out how you can get involved.