Commission for Oneness and Reconciliation

The Summit Church desires to become a multiethnic church that reflects the diversity of our community and proclaims the diversity of the kingdom of God. In light of this desire, the Commission for Oneness and Reconciliation (CORE) has been established by the directional elders of the Summit.

CORE’s Mission

To provide vision, leadership, and guidance to The Summit Church in our pursuit of racial reconciliation, ethnic diversity, and gospel unity (John 17:20–23).

Areas of Responsibility

Leadership Support: CORE will provide support, guidance, and counsel for pastors and elders around ideas and initiatives related to diversity, oneness, and reconciliation.

Staff Development: CORE will assist the lead pastor in leading Summit staff in their development in diversity and racial reconciliation, personally and professionally.

Member Discipleship: CORE will partner with other ministries at the church to emphasize and integrate oneness and reconciliation into our churchwide discipleship strategies.

Members of CORE

Raudel Hernandez

Summit en Español Campus Pastor

Anna Murphy

Projects Associate for Strategic Development

KJ Hill

Pastor for Local Outreach

Rick Langston

Lead Pastor, Strategic Development

Janetta Oni

Director of Communications

Branden Williams

Music Director