Creating a Gospel-Centered Marriage: Intimacy

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Brier Creek Campus - Summit en Espanol venue
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What are we going to talk about in this seminar? Sex… romance… affection… affirming words… weekly date nights… talking about our feelings… vulnerability… What is “intimacy”?

This seminar is about maintaining a deep sense of enjoyment for each other. It is easy to allow the awkwardness of this subject – talking about emotions, affection, and sex – to prevent a couple from enjoying some of marriage’s sweetest fruit. Don’t allow the potential clumsiness of speech or action to prevent you from pursuing and enjoying the spouse God has blessed you with.

This series is arranged around the topics that represent the most common challenges in a marriage. While the challenges of each area are acknowledged, the tone of these seminars is optimistic. We believe that the that those things that cause the greatest pain when done wrongly bring the fullest joy when done according to God’s design.

Seminars will be led by Brad Hambrick, Pastor of Counseling at The Summit Church.