Publicly proclaim your faith in Christ

Why Baptism?

Baptism is a step of obedience that Jesus requires of his followers, as it displays the gospel and gives us an opportunity to publicly profess our faith in Jesus. In the act of baptism, we unite by faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus our Lord.

Next Steps in Baptism

Baptism is for anyone who wants to profess Jesus as Lord. The Bible teaches that new Christians are baptized into a local community, so baptism is also connected to church membership.

We recommend that anyone interested in either baptism or membership attend our Baptism and Membership Class at any Summit campus. In this class, we will discuss the vision and values of The Summit Church, why baptism and membership are important, and the responsibilities of church members. At the end of this class, all participants are given an opportunity to meet with a Summit elder, pursue baptism, and sign our membership covenant.