Guest Services

Serving Opportunity

Serving Positions

  • Auditorium Team - Assist people with finding seats, distributing resources, communion, and more.
  • First Time Guest Midweek Follow-Up - Serve midweek in your home by reaching out to First Time Guests who watch online and help them take their next step.
  • First Time Guest Tent Team - Connect with those coming to the Summit for the first time, and help make outsiders insiders.
  • Freshen Up Team - Keep the campus neat and clean while the service is underway!
  • Medical - Serve as the primary contact for medical emergencies.
  • Next Steps Team - Help people take a next step to Starting Point, small groups, serving, and more.
  • Outer Entry Team - Serve at the sidewalk or outer doors, helping guests navigate our campus.
  • Parking Team - Serve as the first face our guests see, and help every guest find a great spot.
  • Security - Serve by coordinating security and safety programs across all ministry and service areas.
  • Set Up Team - Prepare our campus for guests by setting up signage, parking cones, etc.
  • Summit Online Host Team - Welcome and facilitate conversation during a live chat on Sunday mornings via Summit Online.
  • Sunday Morning Driver - Drive trailers from storage lot to the campus for Set Up Team to unload.
  • Sunday Afternoon Driver - Drive trailers from the campus to the storage lot after the Tear Down team has loaded.
  • Tear Down Team - Return everything to its proper place when the final service ends.
  • VHQ Team - Serve our volunteers who serve our guests.

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